Florida’s Attraction & Entertainment Solutions (A&ES) collaborates, creates, designs and fabricates world-class themed environments

Attraction & Entertainment Solutions (A&ES) offers professional creative services coupled technical expertise. We provide a proven process-oriented approach to efficient and effective design-build production and interactive environments for large-to-small themed attraction and related industries. Projects include, but are not limited to:

  • Sustainable experiential spaces for amusement parks and hotels
  • Visitor attractions
  • Entertainment facilities
  • Hospitality centers
  • Retail industry-specific projects

Our projects are integrated into the cultural landscape of a business-specific site or community. A&ES professional designers and fabricators are sensitive to the human interaction and guest/visitor participation of each space. Our goal is to exceed every client expectation with the completion of world-class projects delivered on time and within budget. We are honored to have worked successfully with the following clients on compelling themed spaces:

  • Merlin Entertainment
  • Disney
  • Nickelodeon
  • Paramount Studios
  • Atlantic Resort Casino

AE&S technical expertise and superior fabrication solutions

A&ES creative audience-focused design and fabrication solutions are known for complex technical expertise. Led by visionary John Oldham, we bring projects from concept through completion for large-to-small interior and external projects. We are known for our client loyalty and dedication to the delivery of a superior product that engages, immerses and is fun for worldwide audiences. Located in Jacksonville, FL, our primary 18,000sf design-production facility allows us to provide:

  • Full-scale custom fabrication of highly detailed interactive spaces for scenic environments, theatrical sets and scenic art, one-off props or sculptural elements, mechanical and special effects
  • Art-ready graphics for print
  • Hear it, see it, feel it applications

Also, we have a convenient satellite office in Orlando for the convenience of our mid-Florida clients. We provide a wide spectrum of services – many award winning – for:

  • Hotels, museums, libraries, resorts and malls
  • Zoos and botanical gardens, restaurants
  • Restaurants
  • Theme, amusement and water parks
  • Destination and visitor attractions
  • Children’s venues

We want to hear about your new project! Contact us today and let A&ES be part of your team!

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 Attraction and Entertainment Solutions, Inc.’s Hear it, See it. Feel it. promotional reel on you_tube_logo-1

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A&ES News

Madame Tussauds (Orlando, Florida)Madame Tussauds (Orlando, Florida)

A&ES Design/Assists Merlin Development for Madame Tussauds-Orlando A&ES completed their design/assist project with static and fully interactive hands-on museum vignettes for the world-renowned Madame Tussauds-Orlando. The exhibits focus on family friendly American themes of which accommodate 65 famous figures featuring A-list celebrities and leaders, music legends, sports champions, silver screen TV icons, Marvel and historical characters, including a retail store.

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Sea Life Aquarium (Orlando, Florida)Sea Life Aquarium (Orlando, Florida)

Attraction & Entertainment Solutions (A&ES) has completed a major site installation for Merlin Entertainment PLC, a global leader in entertainment and visitor attraction complexes. A&ES provided various components within the SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium, including the magnificent floor-to-ceiling shark shipwreck scene of which encompasses ceiling beams, walls, textured flooring plants, netting and rope, even ship props that were painted as if each was just discovered after having been sunken for hundreds of years at the bottom of the sea.

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Avenue5 at the Inn on Fifth Avenue (Naples, FL)Avenue5 at the Inn on Fifth Avenue (Naples, FL)

Attraction and Entertainment Services has been tasked yet again by renowned architect and designer Jeffrey Beers International to assist with fabrication for Fifth Avenue’s newest restaurant in Naples, Florida – Avenue5.

Attraction & Entertainment Solutions (Jacksonville, FL) was tasked with fabricating much of the ornamental interior décor.

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Spanish Galleon at Pirate's Cove (Orlando, Florida)Spanish Galleon at Pirate’s Cove (Orlando, Florida)

Tasked with the interactive show design and development, the A&ES creative team was busy at its expansive Jacksonville facility with the design, engineering, and production of the key scenic structures and authentic props, as well as the accompanying audiovisual, lighting, mechanical and special effects.

One such structure is the mammoth hull of a highly ornamental and heavy gunned 17th century Spanish Galleon, the design of which is based on the Queen ship – the San Philippe.

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Recently Completed Projects

LegoLand® Discovery Center (LCD)

Attraction & Entertainment Solutions completed the LEGOLAND® Discovery Centers, a playground environment, for Merlin Entertainments at Michigan’s largest outlet center and Arizona’s leading indoor outlet mall. A&ES’ Team was selected as the theming contractor for these entertainment complexes.

A&ES’ team of professional designers, artists, and fabricators used their unique experience to execute complex plans for the new Center.

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LegoLand® Duplo Valley (Dubai, Emirates)

Attraction & Entertainment Solutions was challenged with expanding their magic making for an international venue at the Dubai Parks and Resorts. The A&ES Team was pleased to be chosen to participate in this world-renowned project of which involved fabrication and delivery of The DUPLO Farm area.

Introducing LEGO® world begins when guests enter through the Duplo Valley Entry Arch. “The Farm” play area allows young visitors to learn about farm life and animals, then take the challenge with a brick-building experience.

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Bass Pro Shops Pyramid (Memphis, Tennessee)Bass Pro Shops Pyramid (Memphis, Tennessee)

Attraction & Entertainment Solutions teams-up with Merlin Development and Bass Pro Shops Pyramid in Memphis, Tennessee.

The City of Memphis has a nationally positioned landmark, the Bass Pro Shops Pyramid, now known as a major nexus for retail and visitor activity for Big Bass Pro Shops. A&ES is pleased to have been one of the fortunate design/assist working together from concept through development with the Bass Pro Shops Team on this world-class endeavor.

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LEGO® Friends and Heartlake City (Winter Haven, Florida)LEGO® Friends and Heartlake City (Winter Haven, Florida)

Attraction & Entertainment Solutions Inc. (A&ES) is proud to partner with Merlin Entertainment Group LLC again in the development of the new Heartlake City at the world’s largest LEGOLAND® Florida interactive theme park.

The new Heartlake City expansion to LEGOLAND® Florida is a child-centric attraction consisting of related themed environments and larger-than-life LEGO® bricks and brick models designed around the interactive LEGO® play experience for children and families. LEGOLAND® Florida’s first Heartlake City is a modern new metropolis in a residential area.

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Sunken 16th Century Galleon - Sea Life Minnesota AquariumSunken 16th Century Galleon – Sea Life Minnesota Aquarium

Attraction & Entertainment Solutions (A&ES) has completed a magnificent 16th century galleon of which is now installed in the Sea Life Minnesota Aquarium in the Mall of America (Bloomington, Minnesota).

Sea Life Minnesota Aquarium features thousands of aquatic sea creatures along with fun, interactive activities throughout the Mall. A&ES’ new 16th century galleon venue is reminiscent of the design of Sir Francis Drake’s ship, The Golden Hind, which sailed around the world.

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LEGOLAND ® Florida Hotel (Winter Haven)LEGOLAND ® Florida Hotel (Winter Haven)

Attraction & Entertainment Solutions (A&ES) has completed a nationally recognized themed scenic environment, LEGOLAND ® DUPLO Valley (Orlando, FL) for Merlin Entertainments. Visionary and innovator John Oldham, president of A&ES, the sole theming contractor for the LEGOLAND ® Florida Hotel expansion, is proud and passionate about the final launch of the new high-profile visitor environment that recently opened.

We are proud A&ES’ experienced executive and creative team was selected for its leadership and aesthetic excellence among global competitors to design, build and install a major themed environment for the LEGOLAND ® Florida Hotel.

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LEGOLAND ® Florida - DUPLO ® Valley (Orlando)LEGOLAND ® Florida – DUPLO ® Valley (Orlando)

Attractions & Entertainment Solutions has once again been tasked with the fabrication and production of themed scenic environments for another Merlin Entertainments high profile visitor attraction – the recently opened LEGOLAND ® DUPLO Valley in Orlando, Florida. This new expansion to LEGOLAND ® Florida is an engaging and child friendly attraction consisting of related themed environments centered upon the LEGO ® DUPLO concept.

The A&ES creative team, under the direction of Creative Director Tom Goldsworthy, provided the scanning, 3d modeling and production files which the A&ES creative team then integrated into the precision fabrication and production schedule of the individual scenic elements.

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Olives Restaurant at Atlantis Resort and Casino (Bahamas)Olives Restaurant at Atlantis Resort and Casino (Bahamas)

Atlantis Resort and Casino, Bahamas, well-known for its Casino, luxurious hotels, fine dining and entertainment attractions, has added another signature restaurant to its world-class culinary roster – Olives Atlantis by renowned chef Todd English. Featuring his signature open kitchen, Olives Atlantis will be located in the Atlantis Casino and offer guests a taste of Mediterranean cuisine in paradise.

In a highly-coordinated effort with Woslee Construction (Bahamas) and Jeffrey Bears International (New York), Attraction & Entertainment Solutions (Florida) was tasked with custom fabricating the decorative metal rolling doors, curved screens and polished copper back bar that adorn the restaurant interior.

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Salvation Army-Kroc Foundation Multi-Challenge Activity Center (Memphis)Salvation Army-Kroc Foundation Multi-Challenge Activity Center (Memphis)

Attractions & Entertainment Solutions (A&ES) is thrilled to announce the completion of one of its most unique themed attraction projects to date – a Multi-Challenge Activity Center (MCAS) for the Salvation Army – Kroc Foundation. Located at the Mid-South Fairgrounds near the Liberty Bowl in Midtown Memphis, Tennessee, the 104,000 square feet center will offer a comprehensive range of family oriented programs and services to the surrounding community.

The recreational center, also known as The Mission Zone, consists of a multi-level building with numerous rooms centered around an open competition arena and basketball court. Each room features the themed architectural millwork, themed facades, casework, sculpture, lighting effects, interactive components, hand-painted faux finishes and large-scale printed graphics produced by the A&ES creative team.

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Attractions and Entertainment Solutions (A&ES) is a leader in the field of internationally recognized production facilities for creative services and technical expertise in Jacksonville and Orlando, Florida. We proudly serve clients in Florida, such as: Jacksonville (Jax), Amelia Island, Fernandina, St. Augustine, Winter Haven, Orlando, Miami, Naples and Tampa. We also serve national clients located in New York, New York; San Francisco, California; Atlanta, Georgia; Cincinnati, Ohio; Uncaville, Connecticut; Ocean City, Maryland; Southfield, Michigan; Memphis, Tennessee; Bloomington, Minnesota; Washington, DC; and Honolulu, Hawaii. Internationally, we are proud to serve Curacao, South Caribbean; Paradise Island and the Atlantis Resort, Bahamas