Jacksonville’s Attraction & Entertainment Solutions (A&ES) offers iconic branding for themed interactive environments and visitor attractions

Aesthetic Excellence

Attraction & Entertainment Solutions, Inc. leads the industry for iconic branding for public and private spaces. From themed environments and visitor attractions to public art, A&ES delivers the atmosphere to dazzle visitors. Since its inception, the company has acquired distinct clients such as DisneyMerlin Entertainments, and Atlantis Resort Casino.

The blended passion, talent and expertise of the A&ES creative team establish a solid foundation for each project to exceed expectations in quality and design. At the helm of this unique company is innovator John R. Oldham, president of Attraction & Entertainment Solutions. For more than two decades, Oldham has honed a dynamic business sense and team building capability that enables A&ES to assist their client’s to create thrilling, interactive, entertainment attractions.

A wide-ranging customer base demands an equally wide array of designers, craftsmen, artists and artisans for each unique project. Harnessing the professional power of industry experts worldwide, collaborative teams produce customized, cost-effective, and award-winning creations from conception through completion. A&ES champions full-fabrication capabilities for seamless and solid big-picture results.

Charging with innovative talent, A&ES project teams huddle up to assist with the conceptualization, planning, development, design, fabrication and installation of immersive environments for museums, amusement and water parks, visitor centers, libraries, zoos, botanical gardens, restaurants, resorts, and malls.

The absolute highest quality of aesthetic excellence and authenticity is the hallmark of Attraction & Entertainment Solutions. Attention to detail — accomplished by a personal hands-on approach — is integral to the philosophy of Attraction & Entertainment Solutions, Inc.

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