Bass Pro Shops Pyramid (Memphis, TN)


Attraction & Entertainment Solutions teams-up with Merlin Development and Bass Pro Shops Pyramid in Memphis, Tennessee.

The City of Memphis has a nationally positioned landmark, the Bass Pro Shops Pyramid, now known as a major nexus for retail and visitor activity for Big Bass Pro Shops. A&ES is pleased to have been one of the fortunate design/assist working together from concept through development with the Bass Pro Shops Team on this world-class endeavor.

Positioned as the world’s largest pyramid, this landmark site features many noteworthy A&ES visual signage and digital graphics fabrications and decor. Entrances into the various internal sections of the Bass Pro Shops Pyramid, a stunning 32-story/535,000sf structure, are facades and directional signage integrated into the overall concept design of the well-known and trademarked Bass Pro Shops.

Working in concert with the Bass Pro Shop Team, A&ES is pleased to have completed its work on this world-class destination.

View the complete project here.