Advanced vacuum-forming technology delivers high-quality, repeatable custom 3-D shapes at a fast turn-around

We provide in-house tooling and prototyping and long- and short-term production runs

A&ES offers advanced vacuum-forming technology to meet our increasing short- and long-term customer demands for consistent high-quality, repeatable custom and sturdy 3-D shapes. We have a fast turnaround using ABS plastic shapes and components. ABS plastic is more cost-effective and competitively priced versus using the more expensive fiber-reinforced plastic process, a tradition in the themed industry. We specialize in duplicates or multiple runs of your 3-D shapes.

It’s all about the tooling used in the plastic thermoforming process – It’s ideal for low-to-medium sized runs of custom shapes

During production, our talented design team members are focused on creating a 3-D tool, instead of each individual shape, saving your valuable time and money! This process works with dimensions of 5’-10’ x 22”, and it involves:

  • Heating of the plastic sheet until it is pliable using negative pressure to create shapes
  • Draping of the sheet over a mold, which is drawn into it by a vacuum
  • Cooling the sheet in the shape of the mold, and then releasing

Vacuum forming uses low pressures, so molds can be fabricated from inexpensive materials and new molds can be tooled quickly. Our goal is to deliver consistent quality at prices that are competitive to those offered by overseas fabricators.

How can vacuum-forming in plastic help you with your next project?
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“We’re grateful for our loyal short- and long-term customers – our business partners. They value our team’s expertise in Wall Graphics,  Decorative Architectural Millwork, Metal fabrications, Expert Automotive Finishes, Plastics which include State of the Art Vacuum Forming What took Months now takes Days!”
John Oldham, Owner, A&E Solutions