Attraction & Entertainment Solutions (A&ES) was challenged with expanding their magic making for an international venue at the Dubai Parks and Resorts. The A&ES Team was pleased to be chosen to participate in this world-renowned project of which involved fabrication and delivery of The DUPLO Farm area.

Introducing LEGO® world begins when guests enter through the Duplo Valley Entry Arch. “The Farm” play area allows young visitors to learn about farm life and animals, then take the challenge with a brick-building experience. Kids can hop on a Duplo tractor just as a farmer would, then cross a field or slide down the Apple barrel slide located on the green grass-looking rubber floor, a soft, safe playing experience. Kids become animal keepers and use soft LEGO® bricks and build fences to keep farm animals safe in the “LEGO® Stables”. Kids see LEGO® chickens, a hutch with carrots painted on the side for a bunny rabbit. They ride on a farm tractor and pass a farm kitten, spot a white horse in the stable and watch sheep in their pen. Guests enjoy “The Lake”, which features a LEGO® Duplo play boat and canoe playground, and play on a safe rubber floor. Kids role play as boat captains and pretend to guide their fishing crews.

All aboard “The Valley Train” for a journey through Duplo Valley. Kids count animals and even learn their names and species, plus bone up on numbers and colors. They see squirrels, a kitty cat, a variety of ducks, moo cow, sheep, a spotted farm dog and Mom and Pop farmers during their ride.

View the complete project here.