LegoLand Discovery Center (Philadelphia, PA)

LegoLand Discovery Center Philadelphia

Attraction & Entertainment Solutions (A&ES) was laser focused on bringing value to the Merlin Magic Making guest experience with more hands-on brick play and by showcasing new products, as well as integrating past core areas.

The environment sparks imagination and the experience provides memories for the whole family to share. From admissions through arrival, guests meander through the Build & Test featuring racing cars and checkered flag posts. After being charged up with the mini cars, enter Miniland, where tiny-scaled visuals move the guest into Ninjago Training Camp. Colorful DUPLO® Park welcomes guests into a park-like atmosphere with murals and a play area. Enter the Build Challenge for a variety of experiences under the “fabric Canopy.” Walk through the Café with its coffee shop, pointy LEGO® green trees and murals of kids lifted skyward by big balloons and soaring by the clouds. Moving on, LEGO® Friends welcomes each guest through a large heart portal featuring LEGO® mini-figures. Then, its off to the creative workshop where little minds are challenged to use LEGOs to make cool kid environments. The 4D pre-show cinema movies wrap-up a great guest experience. Enjoy the visuals of a street-side flower shop and other staging areas as you leave through the exit. Don’t forget the LEGO® Shop – take LEGOs home with you!