LegoLand Florida Beach Retreat (Winter Haven, FL)

LegoLand Florida Beach Retreat

Attraction & Entertainment Solutions (A&ES) is always ready to work on fun projects featuring LEGOLAND® family experiences.

It’s party time at the poolside Bricks Beach Bar, where music creates atmosphere and surf dudes relax by the pool. Visit the LEGO® Life Guard Beach Station featuring Life Guard LEGO® mini-figures, and which includes a LEGO® built bird, crab, star fish in vibrant colors. Eat at the Beach Retreat Restaurant, which features a 40-foot-tall LEGO® lighthouse with glowing lights, LEGO® palm trees, LEGO® mini-figures, acoustical cloud shapes, and LEGO® wall graphics. Build a sandcastle brick play station at Vacation Lodge, which consists of 83 beach themed bungalows with white picket fences, LEGO® surfboards, LEGO® inspired shudders, LEGO® round gable vents, and LEGO® saw tooth roof gables.