Advanced Vacuum-Forming Technology Delivers High-Quality, Repeatable Custom 3-D Shapes at a Fast Turn-Around

Advanced vacuum-forming technology delivers fully customizable, high-quality, repeatable, and custom 3-D shapes at an efficient and economic turnaround. We provide in-house tooling and prototyping with long and short-term production runs. Vacuum-forming allows for endless possibilities and the production of countless items in a large variety of shapes and sizes.

A&ES vacuum-forming saves you time & money while providing unlimited options.

A&ES offers vacuum-forming technology to meet the ever-increasing customer demands for cost-effectiveness and competitive pricing, precise design specifications, consistent, high-quality, quick turnaround, and repeatable custom and sturdy 3-D shapes.

Our talented design team members focus on creating a 3-D tool during the production, instead of each shape, saving you valuable time and money. This process works with sheet dimensions of 60″ x 103,” a depth of draw 23″ deep, and involves

  • Heating of the plastic sheet until it is pliable using negative pressure to create shapes
  • Draping of the sheet over a mold and a low-pressure vacuum is applied; the vacuum sucks in the plastics sheet forcing it against the mold
  • The sheet is cooled and trimmed

Vacuum-forming uses low pressure, allowing fabrication of molds from inexpensive materials, and tooling new molds quickly. When it comes to vacuum-forming, the possibilities are endless, and it enables the production of countless items in a large variety of shapes and sizes. Our goal is to deliver consistent quality at competitive prices.

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“We’re grateful for our loyal customers—our business partners. They value our team’s expertise in wall graphics, decorative architectural millwork, metal fabrications, expert automotive finishes, and plastics, which include state of the art vacuum forming: What took months now only takes days.”

—John R. Oldham, Jr., President, and CEO, A&ES

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