IPlay City

IPlay Curacao • Museums & Edu-tainment • 2012

A&ES design/build team completes a themed environment for 3700 sq. ft. interactive exhibit at IPlay City in Curacao…

A&ES finalized production on an exciting new project—IPlay City—an inspiring play space and café that focuses on child education and family interaction. Located on Curacao’s beautiful island in the South Caribbean, this spacious 3,700 square foot attraction immerses visitors in imaginative, interactive exhibits, vibrantly colored scenic environments, and playful themes. Guests come from continents and cultures both far and wide, including Africa, Australia, Asia, the Americas, and Antarctica. IPlay City makes child education a fun and entertaining activity for the whole family.

A&ES Build Highlights

In an eight-week design-build project, the A&ES creative team designed and fabricated highly detailed and ornate scenic elements. Integrating custom millwork and casework, interactive components, custom painted faux finishes, hand-painted murals, and props, and incorporating all into a colorful and attractive environment creates a rewarding experience for children and parents alike.

A&ES Design and Fabrication

  • Ultraviolet reactive custom hand-painted Antarctica themed mural
  • Interactive post office and bank
  • Interactive tent and campfire
  • Themed Baobob tree shelving
  • 3-D layered themed facades
  • Themed art tables
  • Interactive medical outpost
  • Interactive grocery
  • Playground slide structure and themed balance beam
  • Eiffel Tower themed art storage
  • Interactive vanity station
  • Fire station with a 3-D fire truck
  • Rock climbing wall
  • Computer and gaming stations
  • Interactive dinosaur dig
  • 2-D and 3-D layered signage
  • Onsite installation

A&ES Services Details

  • Research and analysis of the client’s goals and requirements
  • Assessment of preliminary space plans
  • Provision of project management services including preparation of project budgets and schedules
  • Preparation of construction documents, consisting of plans, details, and specifications
  • Preparation of construction documents to adhere to regional building and fire codes
  • Identify facility impacts between contractor and A&ES components
  • The organization, coordination, and planning
  • Pre-production and prototyping
  • Complete design specification services
  • In-house fabrication
  • SketchUp
  • Rhino
  • Thermoplastic fabrication
  • Shop drawings (CAD)
  • Water-jet metal shapes
  • CNC machining
  • Architectural millwork
  • Specialty automotive paint prepping and finishing
  • Fiberglass Production (FRP)
  • 3-Dimensional design and fabrication
  • Turnkey installation

Build, create, and play at IPlay City!

A&ES is honored to be part of the design/build professionals who provide IPlay City joy for the entire family!

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