Jacksonville’s A&ES assists anchoring of 120’ architectural flower petals to Waterpark Power Tower corners at Atlantis Resorts’ Bahamian waterscape

Anchored securely atop the corners towers and central roof of the 120’ high Waterpark Power Tower, the grand centerpiece of Atlantis Resorts’ waterscape in the Bahamas, is an opulent array of flower-like architectural forms crafted from metal and fiberglass.

Known for precision fabrication and quality craftsmanship, the Attraction and Entertainment Solutions’ team was called upon by Lenz Innovation & Industrial Company to build a total of 24 complete assemblies of the floral motif elements for recent renovations to the Atlantis Resort centerpiece. At 20’ tall, these rolled and welded steel elements, each built perfectly to frame a molded, semi-opaque fiberglass petal, are singularly magnificent, and ever more stunning when viewed anchored in position high atop the Power Tower.

Services Performed

  • Fabrication assist
  • Shipping logistics to Paradise Island Bahamas


  • Steel fabrication (certified welders)
  • Specialty paint finishes to withstand harsh island environment (Matthews paint certified)
  • Fiberglass fabrication
  • Complete in-house services

Licensed & Insured to perform Design-Build & Installation services in the Bahamas.