Attraction & Entertainment Solutions’ tightly spinning sculpture of a school of Goggle Eyes bait fish captures the imagination of divers, fishing professionals and watersport novices with mesmerizing Goggle Eyes

Every diver, fisherman and water sportsman knows the awe and wonder of witnessing a bait ball – a school of feeder fish that has been herded into a tightly spinning and ever-shifting ball by sailfish or other such large fish ready for a snack. Attraction and Entertainment Solutions recently completed a kinetic sculpture accurately depicting just such a scene. The central core, fabricated with fiberglass over a steel armature, houses an internal motor driving the continuous spinning motion. The feeder fish – molded in the likeness of a Goggle Eyes – were cast in resin, hand-painted and attached to the core with metal rods. The entire sculpture, weighing approximately 350 pounds, was securely hung from the ceiling and incorporated into an underwater scene in a retail environment, providing the store’s customers with a dynamic display while they browse and shop.

Services Performed

  • Design development and engineering
  • Metal fabrication
  • Fiberglass construction
  • Mold making and resin casting
  • Hand-painted details