Bass pro Shops Pyramid (Memphis, TN)

Attraction & Entertainment Solutions teams-up with Merlin Development and Bass Pro Shops Pyramid in Memphis, Tennessee.

The City of Memphis has a nationally positioned landmark, the Bass Pro Shops Pyramid, now known as a major nexus for retail and visitor activity for Big Bass Pro Shops. A&ES is pleased to have been one of the fortunate design/assist working together from concept through development with the Bass Pro Shops Team on this world-class endeavor.

Positioned as the world’s largest pyramid, this landmark site features many noteworthy A&ES visual signage and digital graphics fabrications and decor. Entrances into the various internal sections of the Bass Pro Shops Pyramid, a stunning 32-story/535,000sf structure, are facades and directional signage integrated into the overall concept design of the well-known and trademarked Bass Pro Shops.

Examples of A&ES’ fabricated aluminum-base signs include the giant 20’-D Big Cypress Lodge entrance logo sign with its applied-textured sculpted tree painted and mounted with halo illumination within a engineered metal fabricated frame with UL approved LED illuminated and mounted letters. The bas-relief cypress tree logo, hand-hewn logs, wooden distressed board-and-batten siding, and roof shingles featured above the hotel entrance add to the ambiance and further brands the outside “indoor” site. Plus, to add to the reality of the hotel, visitors can fish, too.

Other signs include, for instance, LED animated lights on the Ladies Apparel entrance featuring the Bass Pro Shops logo as well as the “dee-licious” fudge sign as a the main feature on the neon-illuminated General Store sign, reminiscent of yesteryear.

Other retail signage for specific product stores (Rainwear, Hunting Clothing and fly shops) blend into the themed thread of yesteryear typefaces and visual presentations. Of note, the important Check-Out and Thank You! and the three-shoed Footwearsigns provide easy wayfinding for customers.

An example of animated Neon signage can be seen in the Waterfowl sign, as visitors experience flying ducks chasing one another as if beginning their landing into cattails below – all encompassed on a single sign.

One of the most memorable and scenic signs stands amid a movie studio-type space hawking the word T-Shirts amid multi-story cypress trees zooming up into the ceiling space and an ol’ green farm pick-up truck parked stationary in front to create and elicit emotion of times gone by in Old America, when fishing was aplenty and guns were on racks behind heads awaiting early morning fly-bys and readied for ducks to be targeted to grace the upcoming night’s dinner table or camp fire grill.

From fabricating decorative street light bases to ensuring paints matched Bass Pro colorways, A&ES’ goal is perfection to the branded theme. Flashing opaque and clear round lights showcase some signage giving the effect of how the old West and Deep South caught the eye of American travelers from coast to coast to “come on in!”.

The Camping sign reminds the visitor of tree bark, rusted tin and blazing campfires – one can remember the comfort of a camping lodge and the smell of sizzling steaks on the grill. Painted faux rust on embossed tin further positions the brand and conforms to old-timey signage of days long ago.

The Check Out sign with its full-wide red arrow says a hearty Thank You, always adding to the charm of the visual environments.

From wood tones to antique finishes and burnished gold colors to simulated wrought iron; channel lettering to welded construction; steel pipes to mounted anchor bolts; connection of high-voltage and electric transformers to lighting signage; flat cut-out or embossed letters adhered to aluminum cabinetry; two-sided illuminated branded signage, including extensive faux wooden paneling; integrated translucent digital printing or featured strobe lighting and neon in any form or fashion and mounting onto any surface, A&ES welcomed the challenge to collaborate on this exciting site to provide custom UL-approved and fabricated neon and LED animated and static lighting.

Working in concert with the Bass Pro Shop Team, A&ES is pleased to have completed its work on this world-class destination.

Services Performed

  • Design and Graphic Development
  • Engineering and Shop Drawings
  • Graphic Design and Creation of Production Art
  • Interactive Lighting Design and production
  • Neon and LED Design Integration design
  • Animated show control
  • UL Approval


  • CNC Production
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Neon Design, Specifications and Fabrication
  • Hand sign Lettering and Painting
  • Period Scenic Art and Finishes