Miami’s Cool-De-Sac features A&SE’s interactive kids’ play space next to atmospheric and relaxing Café

Wow! Is this cool place for parents or kids? Answer: Both! Yep, dad can enjoy a cold beer and a hot quesadilla, and mom can enjoy a gourmet salad and a glass of wine, while the kids play games in a cool circle within sight… But not underfoot! It took the time-tested talent, imagination and ageless creativity of our “kids at heart” A&ES team to develop the vibrantly colored interior play area with its fun, safe, inspiring, interactive lightspace, computers, slides, blocks, art centers and beauty salons! From blue sky to completion, A&ES helped develop an atmosphere of quality adult dining in a family-oriented fun house! How cool is that?

Services Performed

  • Research and analysis of the client’s goals and requirements
  • Formulation of preliminary space plans
  • Confirmation that preliminary space plans and design concepts are safe, functional, and meet all public health, safety and welfare requirements, including codeSelection of color, materials, and finishes
  • Selection and specifications of furniture, fixtures, equipment and millwork, including layout drawings and detailed product descriptions
  • Provision of project Management services including preparation of project budgets and schedules
  • Preparation of construction documents, consisting of plans, elevations, details and specifications
  • Preparation of construction documents to adhere to regional building and fire codes
  • In house fabrication and installation