A&ES’ expert design and fabrication team is proud to work with Magic Merlin Making and Merlin Entertainment© on world-class projects such as LEGOLAND® Deep Sea Adventure. Our materials included aluminum with Lego® scenic paints, FRP components, aluminum, PVC, play plastic, plastic laminate, MDF, graphics, Ultracore, powder coat, urethane hard coat, MDF, FRP/Gelcoat integral color, architectural precast/ cast stone with integral color, cast resin, interactive components and lighting, wood, metal armature, steel with powdercoat, fabric, and clear vinyl image production.

This project includes LEGO® City Deep Sea Adventure: Submarine Ride, Real Sharks and SEALIFEhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFJMl5Tx0w4. The LEGO® Submarine and LEGO® Minifigures take guests on a family-friendly underwater adventure to hunt for hidden LEGO® Treasures lost in the deep sea. Based on the Ride Preshow, Ride, Retail & Entertainment experiences, explorers begin with an interactive treasure map and learn deep sea communication with real creatures and dive tracking to a shipwreck, where they identify A&ES structures (broken mast, crow’s nest, ship’s wheel assembly, treasure chest, overturned barrels, gold coins, chains, anchors). Key elements include signage, a control tower, TV screen, helicopter, submarine in the lagoon, LEGO® helicopter landing platform, dimensional frame projection area, O2 tank, life preservers, flippers, Shark Build Table, header sign, and queue line Briefing room portal.

The Briefing Room’s 20-minute, ambient atmospheric audio engages guests and builds expectations. Visuals include sea creature fun facts and a countdown timer. Next, the dive team is introduced; the expedition explained in a live feed with maps, charts and the shipwreck location, what to look for, and game play begins. Guests enter the sub, follow a checklist, listen to the scientist, and watch incoming transmission. The animatronic Minifigure face comes alive as guests help the Minifigure dive team locate treasure by tapping on the chests, starfish, crabs, seaweed, gold coins, and gems, then cataloging it by using a detector. While watching the “live” underwater video feed, a dive member suddenly gets caught in a treasure net, a news bulletin interrupts the feed, sirens go off, chaos ensues, and the feed stops. Tangled in the net the master diver reconnects the feed and talks with a scientist via webcam about dive safety. They head back to the dock passing a coral cave, brick-built eels, steam vents, lava flows by a craggy seabed of volcanic rock, and surface surrounded by thousands of bubbles. As they pull up the load, it’s mistakenly dumped on the boat captain’s head and tumbles onto the dock. The experience ends at the retail store where guests can design and build LEGO® creatures at the Shark Build Table and watch as their interactive digital brick creatures are released back into the deep sea on a giant interactive wall of water. Guests can feed and interact with the fish they made as well as buy pieces so they can go home and build more fish.