A&ES is proud to be part of the LEGOLAND® team and LEGOLAND® Castle Hotel. Our design/build experts used aluminum and LEGO® paint for the drawbridge, shields and banners; PVC for the trellises and frames; interactive Minifigure Models; PVC, MDF aluminum and fabric upholstery for the interactive throne; plywood and plastic laminates; interactive lighting components; Ultracore and other resources for banners, chandeliers, a  brick pit, shields, stair rails, arches, Knock-Knock door, The Dragon’s Den Entry and Tavern signage, fireplace grates, wobbly mirror, marquee signage, water features (steel with powdercoat), director movie set, and playground with cabana graphics – all executed and installed by our talented and creative staff.

From LEGOLAND® fanfare flags to the Wow model LEGO® Grand Royal Statue feature, guests cross a drawbridge to the Grand Staircase to register in the magic spell book while kids “slide” down to the Grand Hall lobby passing the Queen on her balcony waving “hello.” LEGO® wagon-wheel chandeliers light the magical wizard atop a LEGO® brick pit plinth as objects swirl and whirl with the push of a secret sound button. Transforming lenticular portraits move inside LEGO® frames and kids discover the opening to the dungeon play area. The Grand Tournament Wall features graphic banners, helmets and armor by fiery dragon wall coverings. The Magical Levitating Lifts transform sparkling LED walls as the wizard directs A/V-magic spells and UV-glowing floating objects using magic potions, cats, owls, bats and magic spell book. Watch a video of the chandelier »

The Dragon’s Den Restaurant & Bar features the Jester Bar with LEGO® arches and stone wall graphics. One jester pops out of a box, another plays the guitar on the self-playing piano. Guests practice juggling or play with giant cards, musical instruments, puppets, toys, costumes, tickle sticks, tabletop games, brick build or spin the wheel in front of the wobbly mirror on the Royal Wall of Fame at the Jester’s Joke Inn. A magical Knock-Knock Joke Door button triggers a jester’s endless jokes. Wizard Story Corner characters jump out of the pages of books on the library wall. Whoever sits in the giant corner chair is startled by its’ whoopee cushion. The Grand Banquet Hall’s Wow model LEGO® feature includes stained glass windows, themed banners, flags, and bunting. The giant LEGO® dragon keeps eggs warm above crackling LEGO® flames as guests enjoy the Wow model LEGO® feature banquet of food on a silver platter.

On the way to a suite or guestroom, guests pass colorful corridor graphics on the Knight Wall and Carpet on the Dragon Knight, Wizard, and Princess floors. The Blacksmith and Knight School are at the Knights floor entrance, where each has a treasure room, child’s LEGO® station play area, acrylic stained-glass adult headboard, and white knight bathroom. The Wizard level features a flying school, potion school, and magical castle gardens full of curious potions, spell books, wands, magic mirrors, giggling bookcase, magical owls, and a powerful scepter. The Princess level is filled with woodland animal friends, forest graphics, magical lighting, and a magical fairy-like adult canopy bed, kids’ bunk beds, secret kids’ den, princess dress-up area, and pamper parlor. Adjacent to the large pool and tents, the U-shaped Castle Green courtyard offers movie nights and a Duplo Play Area. A juice bar and market village with water play includes bubble fountains and interactive water features, such as spinning water fountains, swim/splash deep water, and themed cabanas with toilet areas resembling a horse stable.