LEGOLAND® Deep Sea Adventure

Merlin Magic Making & Merlin Entertainments© • Amusement Parks & Attractions • July 2018

The LEGO® Submarine and LEGO Minifigures take guests on a family-friendly underwater adventure to hunt for hidden LEGO Treasures lost in the deep sea…

LEGOLAND, CA guests climb aboard an authentic submarine and descend deep underwater to discover an utterly fantastic world! Over 2,000 live sea creatures—bright LEGO octopi, tropical marine fish, LEGO scuba divers, several species of stingrays, and a variety of sharks—loom in the depths just waiting to be discovered. Through touchscreens at each porthole inside the sub, guests help the LEGO Minifigure dive team identify gems, pearls, LEGO® gold coins, starfish, crabs, seaweed, and much more during the four-minute journey. Up to 12 guests dive on one of eight submarines designed after the LEGO City Deep Sea Adventure line of toys.

A&ES Build Highlights

A&ES’s expert design and fabrication team welcomes the opportunity to work with Merlin Magic Making and Merlin Entertainments© on world-class projects such as LEGOLAND® Deep Sea Adventure. A&ES specializes in providing the developmental process to produce an interactive, themed space that makes you feel like you are in the deep blue sea!

This design/build is all fiberglass because the underwater elements A&ES built are inside an active live aquarium. This incredibly vibrant project includes the LEGO® City Deep Sea Adventure: Submarine Ride, Real Sharks, and Sea Life. A&ES mast, crow’s nest, ship’s wheel assembly, treasure chest, overturned barrels, gold coins, chains, and anchors are identified during the epic preshow, ride, retail, and entertainment experiences. Here eager explorers engage in an interactive treasure map and learn about deep-sea communication with live sea creatures and dive tracking to a shipwreck.

A&ES Design and Fabrication

Crucial and essential themed elements designed by A&ES include the wayfinding and signage, a control tower, TV screen, helicopter, submarine in the lagoon, LEGO® helicopter landing platform, dimensional frame projection area, an O2 tank, life preservers, flippers, the Shark build table, a header sign, and a queue line for the briefing room portal. A&ES fabricates all the underwater features and scenery and anchors it all with concrete to prevent flotation.

Materials used in the remarkable deep-sea production are numerous!

  • Aluminum & aluminum with LEGO® scenic paints
  • FRP components
  • PVC
  • play plastic
  • plastic laminate
  • MDF
  • graphics
  • Ultracore
  • powder coat
  • urethane hard coat
  • Gelcoat integral color
  • architectural precast/cast stone with integral color
  • cast resin
  • interactive components and lighting
  • wood
  • metal armature
  • steel with powder-coat
  • fabric
  • clear vinyl image production

A&ES Services Details

  • Research and analysis of the client’s goals and requirements
  • Assessment of preliminary space plans
  • Provision of project management services including preparation of project budgets and schedules
  • Preparation of construction documents, consisting of plans, details, and specifications
  • Preparation of construction documents to adhere to regional building and fire codes
  • Identify facility impacts between contractor and A&ES components
  • The organization, coordination, and planning
  • Pre-production and prototyping
  • SketchUp
  • Rhino
  • Thermoplastic fabrication
  • Shop drawings (CAD)
  • Water-jet metal shapes
  • CNC machining
  • Architectural millwork
  • Specialty automotive paint prepping and finishing
  • Fiberglass production (FRP)
  • 3-Dimensional design and fabrication
  • Complete design specification services
  • In-house fabrication
  • Turnkey installation

A&ES’s organization, coordination and planning, complete design specifications services, in-house fabrication, and seamless turn-key installation translate into the deep-sea adventure of a lifetime!

LEGOLAND® Deep Sea Adventure—Dig deep and discover A&ES treasures!

Legoland California – Deep Sea Adventure Submarine Ride

LEGOLAND Deep Sea Adventure 2019 San Diego CA

Deep Sea Adventure Submarine Ride – Legoland California 2018


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