Orlando’s A&ES fabricates, produces and expands Merlin Entertainment’s LegoLand–Duplo Valley

Having established itself as a well-known and reputable scenic design and fabrication company within the amusement park and visitor attraction industry, Attractions & Entertainment Solutions has once again been tasked with the fabrication and production of themed scenic environments for another Merlin Entertainments high profile visitor attraction – the recently opened LEGOLAND ® DUPLO Valley in Orlando, Florida. This new expansion to LEGOLAND ® Florida is an engaging and child friendly attraction consisting of related themed environments centered upon the LEGO ® DUPLO concept, including DUPLO ® Farm, DUPLO ® Train, DUPLO ® Splash & Play, DUPLO ® Tot Spot, and includes a variety of larger-than-life LEGO ® building sets and blocks for stylized animals, plants, figures and building structures.

The A&ES creative team, under the direction of Tom Goldsworthy, Creative Director, provided the scanning, 3d modeling and production files for the pre-production work flow. The artists and craftsmen at A&ES then integrated that work flow into theprecision fabrication and production schedule of the individual scenic elements, which included 3d CNC sculpting, metal fabrication, fiberglass reinforced plastics compositing and surface treatment with the Mathews paint system (certified).

Project Scope

Provided larger than Life LEGO ® building sets and blocks for:

  • DUPLO ® Farm
  • DUPLO ® Train
  • DUPLO ® Splash & Play
  • DUPLO ® Tot Spot
  • DUPLO ® Photo Opportunity
  • DUPLO ® Portal Entry Sign

Services Performed

  • Scanning3D Modeling
  • Production Files
  • 3D CNC sculpting
  • Metal Fabrication (Certified)
  • Fiberglass ( FRP)
  • Matthews Paint system (Certified)