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Madame Tussauds Nashville is a beloved brand, only all music-themed wax attraction honoring the music and icons that create it. The world’s most fantastic wax museum and celebration of music live here.

Madame Tussauds Nashville attraction is an interactive wax experience where guests have the unique opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the world’s biggest musical icons. Built to honor Music City and its deep roots in America’s history, Madame Tussauds hosts visitors worldwide. Guests enjoy a historical walk through America’s musical past and present, with vivid scenes supporting the colorful cast figures. It is a fully themed and interactive experience allowing guests to “Step into the Music” and make Famous Fun memories. Shake those hips with Elvis, sing with Patsy Cline, jam with Jimi Hendrix, rock out with Ozzie Osbourne, dance with Justin Timberlake, rub shoulders with Reba McEntire, and more. It is conveniently located within Opry Mills Mall, across the street from the Grand Ole Opry, and the perfect place for family fun, friends trips, date nights, field trips, or group outings.

Each Madame Tussauds figure is truly a work of art. Teams of professional artists and sculptors spend months on extensive research and take more than 300 measurements to recreate world-famous icons to achieve the kind of astonishing realism that is the heart of the 250-year Madame Tussauds legacy. With a completely different concept, Nashville’s attraction is the company’s first offering in the U.S. that focuses solely on music icons that have shaped America’s musical landscape. The famous stars from musical genres such as Country, Rock n Roll, Jazz, Blues, and Pop beckon guests to get down and boogie. Regardless of whether you play a musical instrument, Madame Tussauds phenomenal, epic musical journey experience transforms anyone into a great musician! Feel the beat?

A&ES Build Highlights

A&ES’s innovative, creative crew and cast of design/build professionals are instrumental in this phenomenal project. Guests experience an epic musical journey as they write, record, and perform, with old and new American music legends that collectively inspired America’s soundtrack. With over 45 figures on display, this exciting attraction features a four-minute introduction show integrated into 11 musically themed zones with iconic 2-D graphic-featured signage on the entrance facades. Before you immerse yourself in this unique lyrical attraction, artists at the top of the charts in Pop & Country music greet you and are Madame Tussauds Nashville ambassadors. Follow in the footsteps of the world’s most famous musicians and some of our legendary country stars.  See, hear and feel the music as you meander through a 1950’s neighborhood where families are gathered around their radio in the comfort of their homes listening to the Grand Ole Opry live from the famous WSM tower.

A&ES Design and Fabrication

  • Admissions Area 01—a giant red barn door suspends with a substantial illuminated guitar that guides visitors to the ticket desk made of different-sized flight cases in front of a huge, slowly turning the vinyl record
  • The roadie hands over a backstage pass that reads, “Follow the white piano keys.”
  • A transistor radio welcomes you through Transistor Corridor 02
  • Travel back in time audibly in Preshow 03 with iconic stereos, radios, and turntables, each playing the time’s popular music
  • The music fades as guests walk on a 1950’s American suburban street in Tennessee
  • The soundtrack of America Show 04 invites guest to chill in the living room and listen to a radio broadcast featuring an audio/visual journey through American music
  • The WSM Radio Station—Lobby 05 opens the most famed country music station in the world, where guests can perform alongside the best
  • WSM Radio Station—Broadcasting Studio 06 features iconic musical figures are spanning decades of American country
  • The WSM Radio Station—Ryman Opry Barn Dance 07, with legendary musical figures representing some of the biggest country music stars ever (their music and names laid the foundation for American country music to become what it is today)
  • Next, visitors cut their first vinyl record in Sun Studios 08 and meet ole blue suede shoes himself and the Million Dollar Quartet; hang out with the band afterward to use the recording booth and make music
  • Or chill in the Green Room with some of the rowdiest, most talented guitar pickin’ musicians whose voices and sounds are integral to American music
  • Music Alley 09, with its neon signs, live music, and bars showcasing music genres (featuring Blues Jazz, Soul, Rock – even a Pulitzer Prize winner) – urge guests to belt out a tune on the open mic
  • Visit Sal’s Music Management, where visitors become music megastars
  • Enter Lucille’s, a dark, smoky club in Blues Bar 10, to mingle and sing with favorite, soulful American blues icons; join one of America’s preeminent jazz singer-songwriters for a drink; make cool music together; test your music knowledge of the blues on the Wall of Fame
  • Soul Lounge 11 features the ultra fab 70’s interior of the Soul Lounge, where the world’s foremost record producer, singer-songwriter, and soul singer sensation tickles the ivories
  • Cut a move on the Soul Train dance floor and meet-up with America’s lady of soul music
  • Discover Jazz Bar 12’s Music Alleys and The Empty Barrel with jazz acts performed by America’s iconic trumpeter and a jazz queen who belts out a sound like no other (when t’s open mic night here, come up onto the stage and order a musician-named drink after singing
  • Nashville’s Bluebird Café 13 features famed musical actresses
  • Rock Bar 14’s Harley Davidson entrance displays the rock music guitarist-singer-songwriter god who joins other rock legends to immerse the audience in American rock music
  • Sal’s Music Agency 15 is the one-stop-shop for personal music fame, making participants superstars with a custom album sleeve, band T-shirt, and a gold disc; arrive a musician, leave as a legend
  • MTV 16, the home of the music video, features in-studio music videos with the new generation of singer-songwriters where guests appear live on TV
  • Backstage 17 offers the Country Music Awards, where wannabe musicians prepare behind the curtain after stepping into the dressing room of a big-hatted musical icon; participate in the interactive mirrors to create a new look, then join more iconic men of American country tunes, up-close and personal
  • Finale Concert 18 features an arena holding thousands of enthusiastic fans watching guests perform in concert with America’s most famous musicians

A&ES Services Details

  • Research and analysis of the client’s goals and requirements
  • Assessment of preliminary space plans
  • Provision of project management services including preparation of project budgets and schedules
  • Preparation of construction documents, consisting of plans, details, and specifications
  • Preparation of construction documents to adhere to regional building and fire codes
  • Identify facility impacts between contractor and A&ES components
  • The organization, coordination, and planning
  • Pre-production and prototyping
  • Complete design specification services
  • In-house fabrication
  • The rganization, coordination, and planning
  • SketchUp
  • Rhino
  • Thermoplastic fabrication
  • Shop drawings (CAD)
  • Period prop acquisition
  • Water-jet metal shapes (aluminum)
  • CNC machining
  • Architectural millwork
  • Specialty automotive paint prepping and finishing
  • Metal fabrication (certified)
  • Specialty paint faux finishes (BASF paint certified)
  • Mechanical and lighting effects
  • Fiberglass production (FRP)
  • 3-Dimensional design and fabrication
  • Turnkey installation

Get ready to have the best, most exciting, and immersive musical experience of your lifetime! When it comes to attraction innovation, A&ES can rock your concept design into a real-world sound system. We’ve got the beat!

Madame Tussauds & A&ES are music to your ears!

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