A&ES’ Atlanta, GA Medieval Times dinner attraction and museum is a destination

Medieval Times is an exciting, family-friendly dinner attraction inspired by an 11th century feast and tournament that takes place within a Spanish style castle complete with a competition arena, Hall of Arms displaying medieval artifacts, a medieval torture museum, bar and dance floor. Guests are served a four-course banquet and cheer for one of six Knights competing in numerous tests of skill, including jousting, swordsmanship, thrilling hand-to-hand combat, displays of extraordinary horsemanship and falconry as part of an exciting yet touching story set in Medieval Spain. Medieval Times also features an excellent bar, dance floor, Hall of Arms displaying medieval artifacts and a medieval torture museum.

Attraction & Entertainment Solutions’ creative team contributed to the realization of this unique project from the design phase to its successful completion, assisting with the design, engineering, shop drawings and project management. Utilizing a variety of precision production techniques, including plaster carving, foam and hard-coat sculpting, 3d CNC machining, metal fabrication and specialized scenic finishes, the A&ES team also provided the construction and fabrication of 15,000 square feet of carved plaster, flying buttress beams, building facades, themed millwork, period scenic finishes, elements and props.

Services Performed

  • Design-assist
  • Engineering and shop drawings
  • Project management
  • Complete construction/fabrication/installation
  • Coordination and integration specialist


  • Carved plaster
  • Themed facades
  • Sculpture
  • Scenery and props
  • Foam and hard-coat fabrication
  • Scenic painting