Attraction & Entertainment Solutions’ brands Nickelodeon® Family Suites in Orlando inspiring kids to imagine, play and explore

Set on 24 beautiful acres in Orlando, Florida, Nickelodeon Hotel is a high-energy family hotel and kid-friendly vacation destination in Central Florida. Kids are free to imagine, play and explore, and families are sure to make fun memories that last a lifetime

Staying consistent with Nickelodeon’s internationally recognized brand, our creative team headed by John Oldham assisted with the design, production and on-site application of the large-scale exterior graphics and signage. Utilizing both computer generated imagery (CGI) and on-site large format scenic painting, our talented team created the SPLAT graphics, decorative character panels and billboard signage that make the Nickelodeon Hotel a fun and visually exciting entertainment attraction.

Services Performed

  • Design-assist
  • Complete on-site large format scenic painting
  • Graphic design
  • Signage Design
  • Approval process and coordination with nickelodeon creative team


  • Graphic production
  • Signage production
  • Billboard large format on-site painting