SEA LIFE Aquarium Orlando

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SEA LIFE Aquarium keeps vacationers in the swim of creative fun and interactive activities suitable for all ages…

At SEA LIFE Aquarium Orlando’s opening, it ranked 8th in the US and 50th globally. The first marine life additions to SEA LIFE Aquarium in Orlando, FL, include Everglades pygmy sunfish, tigerfish, butterflyfish, sea snakes, and Moray eels. Opening on May 4, 2015, the aquarium houses more than 5,000 sea animals from oceans and waters from across the globe. Once each group of fish and marine life acclimate to the aquarium waters, they move into one of the 32 habitat displays showcased at SEA LIFE Orlando. After the smaller animals jump in, the larger marine life, such as sharks and rays, join them in the aquarium. Guests at the attraction get up-close to many sea creatures through many different types of displays, including built-in tunnels and curved walls, cold water rock pools, floor-to-ceiling aquariums more. Famed SEA LIFE Aquariums spread throughout the country, including FL, AZ, MN, and so many more. Immerse in the breathtaking marine habitats and interactive exhibits in a SEA LIFE near you!

Rendering of Sea Life Aquarium Orlando

A&ES Build Highlights

A&ES provides various components within the SEA LIFE Aquarium, including the magnificent floor-to-ceiling shark shipwreck scene, encompassing ceiling beams, walls, textured flooring plants, netting, and rope. Even the ship props look recently just discovered after sinking to the ocean floor hundreds of years ago.

A&ES’s fabricated yellow submarine projecting out into the visitor area provides a well-recognized focal point. In this retail area, distressed wood dividers, pipes, and sea-creature-cutouts welcome guests into the queue lines. Themed wooden frames for LCD TVs’ 3-D authentic “under-the-sea” barnacles include anemones and coral. Above, the illuminated dangling jellyfish and cumulous clouds on the ceiling add whimsy and fun focal points. Wood-clad edges highlight wood fencing and crates and LCD frames encompassing the video monitors above the touch pools. Lighting imagery provides floor vistas blending into the overall blue-themed underbelly of the sea.

Whimsical aluminum seagrass offers multi-color visual accents, while coconut palm trees replicas with preserved leaves decorate the stingray area. Mangrove trees represent the massive Florida Everglades area, paying tribute to one of the earth’s most critical natural sanctuaries. Ancient Mayan-ruin accents in the underwater sculpture add mystery and history to the sea’s tales and vistas. Fiberglass-themed benches feature Pacific Ocean scenery leading to the distressed wood-themed painted door that opens to the wood fencing and flooring on the final exit ramp.

A&ES Design and Fabrication

  • Themed shipwreck ceiling, beams, doors, walls, and flooring with scenic aging/distressing and barnacles
  • Themed fiberglass seating
  • Sculpted metal and composite larger than life seagrass
  • Artificial and preserved palm and mangrove trees
  • Themed fencing and led monitor frames
  • Ship props and crates
  • Suspended translucent custom sculpted jellyfish lighting
  • Themed dimensional explorer submarine
  • Specialty lighting
  • Themed ceiling pipework and partitions
  • Cast stone replica of underwater signage
  • Onsite coordination and installation

A&ES Services Details

  • Research and analysis of the client’s goals and requirements
  • Assessment of preliminary space plans
  • Provision of project management services including preparation of project budgets and schedules
  • Preparation of construction documents, consisting of plans, details, and specifications
  • Preparation of construction documents to adhere to regional building and fire codes
  • Identify facility impacts between contractor and A&ES components
  • The organization, coordination, and planning
  • Pre-production and prototyping
  • SketchUp
  • Rhino
  • Thermoplastic fabrication
  • Shop drawings (CAD)
  • Water-jet metal shapes
  • CNC machining
  • Architectural millwork
  • Matthews paint system (certified) prepping and finishing
  • Fiberglass production (FRP)
  • 3-Dimensional design and fabrication
  • Complete design specification services
  • In-house fabrication
  • Turnkey installation

A&ES is the leader in the attraction and entertainment industry, and SEA LIFE Aquarium showcases the reasons why. As A&ES continues providing world-class, dynamic multi-disciplined, theming works, its signature and brand are renown in the global, national, and regional client markets.

Dive right in—the water at SEA LIFE Aquarium in Orlando is fine year-round!

SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium Full Walkthrough – Reopening Day

SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium Tour

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