Miami Science Museum: Smithsonian® Expeditions is an A&ES themed environment

You are an archeologist about to uncover a treasure beyond your wildest dreams! This dig takes place at the Miami Museum of Science & Space Transit Planetarium. Indeed, thanks to the genius and attention to detail of our creative team, you are transported through space and time to a 1952 Smithsonian Expedition discovery of the ancient Sarcophagus of Kin Pakal of Yukatan in Palenque’s Temple of the inscription.

Services Performed

  • Concept design to completion
  • Budget development
  • Construction/fabrication/installation to completion


  • Museum exhibits
  • Artifact mounting design and fabrication
  • Themed exhibitory casework
  • Interactives
  • Specialty Lighting
  • Replications
  • Sculpture
  • Scenic art