The new Great LEGO Race VR Roller Coaster is the first LEGO virtual reality (VR) roller coaster in the world (age 6+). This new attraction experience (soon in Malaysia and Deutschland resorts) is an A&ES design/build project with Merlin Entertainment and Merlin Magic Making. Tasked to transform the former “Project X” site into an exciting, high-octane experience, visitors now sit in the driver seat of pumped-up Technic vehicles to face, race and try to beat the best of the best in LEGO’s world-dazzling environment where everything is built of LEGO bricks. Watch Video »

Guests are pitted against five popular LEGO minifigure racers in wild, wacky, LEGO brick-built contraptions driven by: Trendsetter with her cell phone and pet doggie on her scooter fueled by espresso machines; Team Pharaoh with his sarcophagus, scarab, ankh, royal cobra, and moaning mummies; Surfer Girl on a rocket-powered surfboard with jet flares, clinking tools, and misfiring rockets; Wizard in his castle car using potion fuel with magic stars and dragon wings; and Pirate Captain on his galleon vehicle with a skull and crossbones flag, an audible “boom” cannon, barrels and a widow’s perch.

A&ES professionals designed and built a complex, bold entry façade portal with a rounded, double helix “tunnel” structure. LEGO racers and race cars hang upside down on inside walls or curve on the outside. Queuing stations have button-triggered LED wall artwork resembling a pre-race bay with crew ready to prep and inform guests about the hands-on interactive elements of the race. From eye-level videos to a life-size LEGO Mustang race car photo op, A&ES juxtaposed audible, interactive 2-D/3-D elements on garage bay doors distinguished by Team colors. When bay doors open racing characters and their voices are in command as visual elements (bunting, floor cheques, chevron-style arches) direct and engage participants to enter and begin to build their racing car in the Build Boxes section.

From wall phalanges to vehicle skeleton scaffolding, helix building to LEGO race car components, A&ES professionals have successfully completed this attraction model and is proud of the Design Build services and themed overlay-engineering of an existing structure to a new, formidable visitor attraction.